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The truth is, the accessories you choose can make or break your outfit. The right necklace or purse can make your dress pop.  And you can take your look from plain to extraordinary, just by adding the right hat.  Make your blouse fancier with a silky scarf or a bold pair of earrings.  Heck, even the simplicity of painted nails can bring an ensemble, well, together.  At The Store Upstairs, we embrace accessories, offering a whole bunch of different options to make you feel like a million bucks.  Check out some of our selection below!


Matt & Nat Purses

Soft summer colours and a roomy interior, these Matt & Nat purses are to-die-for! And since they are vegan, meaning they aren’t made from any animal products, you’ll be the only one who had to swoon.  Pair either of these bags with your little black dress for a hit of colour and practical storage.



No, not your standard ball cap (although we have those, too). Fancy hats.  You know, like the kind you might wear to a horse race at Century Downs.  These hats can take almost any outfit and make it regal.  Unleash your inner royalty with a hat to make you feel like a high-born.




Treat your lobes to a beautiful pair of earrings by Pika & Bear or Wolf Circus.  Opt for simple studs to make a dramatic difference, or choose a bigger pair for a bigger statement.  In a world where fashion is a statement, don’t let your ears be caught naked.


Bracelets and Rings


Speaking of Pika & Bear, why not pick out one of their exquisite bracelets?  Unique and oh-so-fabulous, these pieces will really speak to your taste.  Next, pick out a complementary ring and be fashionably coordinated throughout.


Silky Scarves

Look at all these fun colours to choose from!  Perhaps the easiest way to glam up an outfit is to fasten a scarf around your neck.  With so many different ways to tie them, you can make the same scarf do different tricks every day of the week.



Still not sure what to do? Start off simple and give your nails a fresh coat of paint.  A cost-effective and temporary way to experiment with colour, a bottle or two of O•P•I nail polish will make you feel like a brand new person.


Whatever accessories you’re looking for, you’re sure to find them right in your backyard at The Store Upstairs.  Avoid the back to school crowds and come join us instead.  We’ll be waiting.



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