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July 1st is coming, and this year marks 150 years since Canada became a confederation.  In fancy words, 2017 marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation (we really just wanted an excuse to say sesquicentennial).  We’re so honoured to live in the land of majestic scenery, Slurpees, maple syrup, and public health care and, while Canada’s beginnings are complicated and conversations are happening around what work needs to be done to improve even more, we’re excited to see what the next 50 years bring!  To show off how much you love Canada, we have some great merchandise in stock at The Store Upstairs!  Pop in this week for best selection and be ready on July 1st with your maple leaf pride.



Protect your head from the sun while also representing your country! These great quality hats will last—and you’ll look great wearing them!





Stick with a simple maple leaf or statement tee from Red Canoe Brands, or get creative with a shirt boasting a Canada flag Batman symbol from Jack of All Trades Clothing.  Red Canoe is a Canadian company committed to capturing Canada’s picturesque landscape, while Jack of All Trades prides themselves on their art and garment quality.   And these shirts are generic enough to wear all year, every year!


Knick Knacks

Looking for a different way to show that you’re Canadian?  We also carry water bottles, mini Canadian flags, and tons of other knick knacks plastered in our favourite red and white.  Stop in to check out what we’ve got!


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