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Most people are aware that Epsom salt can be great in the bath to help with muscle aches and pains, but did you know it is also fantastic for your garden?  Pharmasave on Centre is featuring our 2kg bags of Epsom salt at a stellar price of $4.99 each from May 15th to May 30th.  With prices that good, you can pick up as much as you need for each one of the salt’s amazing uses!


Muscle Aches & Pains

The most commonly known benefit, Epsom salt dissolved in a bath can be fabulous for sore and tired muscles. Soothe your tired feet, ease stiffness after a long day’s work, and soak sore muscles so you can pick life back up where you left off.  Throw a cup or two into your next bath and see how much better you feel!




There’s just something so relaxing about soaking in an Epsom salt filled tub.  Epsom salts are made from magnesium, which has been said to help reduce inflammation, replenish your mineral supply, and increase energy.  Of course, you should always check with a health professional to see if it is right for you.



Beautiful Gardens

The surprising use of Epsom salt is that it can help create greener, higher-yield gardens!  This is because of the magnesium and sulphur components of the salts – both minerals that increase chlorophyll and vitamin production as well as helping nitrogen uptake.  Using Epsom salts in your garden helps you grow more flowers, yield bigger plants, and helps with fertilizer effectiveness.  Just sprinkle 1 cup of Epsom salt over each 100 square feet of soil, mix it in, and plant away!


Did you know Epsom salt was so useful? Come take advantage of this month’s deal and reap the benefits of this natural product.  Visit us on the main floor to check it out. We’ll see you soon!



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