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You come home after a long day.  Your body aches, you’re tired, and you just want some relaxation.  So you turn on the hot water, fill up the tub, and sink into the warm, soothing bath.  Heaven, right?  What if we told you that you can take your bath to the next level, that it could become even more luxurious?  With Pharmasave on Centre’s selection of bath bombs, bath salts, and bubbles, it can.  Why bathe in plain water when you can immerse yourself in health-promoting Epsom salt and essential oils?


Bath Bombs


If you’ve never tried a bath bomb, you’re truly missing out.  Throw one into your already full bath and experience an explosion of salt and scent.  Our Happy Hippo bombs are handmade right in Sylvan Lake and made with 98% Epsom salt for maximum muscle soothing.  The Bath Bomb Company bombs are mostly baking soda and citric acid, and all ingredients are GMO free.


Bath Salts


Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s bath salts are all-natural Epsom salt and essential oil blends to soften skin and promote relaxation.  Try the Sweet Dreams blend if you want some help going to dreamland.



Doubling as both body wash and bath bubbles, RMS’ foaming washes add suds to your soak.  And with scents like lemongrass and chamomile that smell as good as they sound, your bath will turn into a luxurious experience.


Come check out all of our bath add ins and find out what bathing can be like when you have the right ingredients.  We’ll see you soon!


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