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At Pharmasave on Centre, we like to carry the best selection in town.  Part of what makes our selection so great is the variety—natural or conventional, big or small, common or relatively rare, we have it.  So we are delighted to stock Noor Vitamins, a Halal-certified, all-natural brand of vitamins free from all things artificial.  That’s enough to make these vitamins super attractive, but let’s break down all the reasons this brand is rockin’ it.

Nothing Artificial

Noor never uses artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours.  Pretty sweet, right? Naturally. (See what we did there?)

Pork and Alcohol Free

Unlike many vitamins that contain animal-sourced ingredients, Noor Vitamins are certified Halal, which means they are pork and alcohol free.  Any other non-pork animal ingredients are held to the strictest animal welfare standards, which makes them a choice you can feel good about.

Potency Guarantee

Noor tests their ingredients before and after manufacturing, to guarantee that the dosages on the label are the dosages in the bottle.  Given the recent spotlight on the vitamin industry around this very topic, it’s comforting to know that you get what you pay for.

North American Made

All of Noor Vitamins are produced in North American facilities that are both FDA registered and GMP certified.  That means that their products are made under strict standards that ensure safety and quality.  Who can argue with that?

Keep on Giving

A portion of all Noor Vitamins sales is donated to registered charities, which means this is one vitamin purchase that keeps on giving.

So now that we know that Noor Vitamins are awesome, what formulas are available?

  • Adults
    A good all-round vitamin for adults of all ages
  • Multi-Vit
    Boosts immunity like the adult formula, with added bone, eye, and muscle health support.
  • Children’s
      This vitamin is chock-full of the things your kid’s diet may not supplement. It tastes great, too!
  • Calcium + D
      Taken together for maximum absorption, this formula helps maintain strong bones.
  • Prenatal
      Trying to conceive or already expecting? This prenatal formula is perfect for you throughout pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Ultra Omega
      Help out your heart and brain with this Omega 3 formula, made from fish oil.

Come check out this amazing brand today!  Ask one of our friendly pharmacists for helping choosing the right one for you.  We’ll see you soon.



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