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It is believed that about 85% of people will experience back or neck pain in their lives, and 26% will suffer from chronic back pain.  It is also thought that 95% of those sufferers can attribute at least some of their pain to poor posture.  Wow!  It’s no wonder there’s such a focus on correcting poor posture.  And with most of us doing daily tasks that, by their nature, worsen our posture (typing at a computing, reading a book, using your phone, staring at a screen), we really do need some help.

At Pharmasave on Centre, we’ve got a unique and effective solution to all your posture woes—Adrenalease Posture Performance Apparel.  These innovative shirts were designed by a University of Toronto Kinesiology graduate, so you know they’re a product based in real science.


The Features

Proprioceptive feedback is a fancy way of saying taking your individual stimuli and incorporating that into the technology.  It has to do with the relative position of one body part to another, and these shirts make your neck and shoulders fall in line.  The elastic is adjustable for ultimate comfort, and the shirt itself is antibacterial.  That means you can even exercise in them without worry!



Adrenalease shirts are not these huge, bulky things you’ll resist wearing in public.  Fitted, comfortable, and totally discreet, these posture shirts made a fabulous undershirt if you don’t want to wear them on their own!


Cut and Fit

Pick the right fit for your body type and feel comfortable knowing your posture is already improving!  Adrenalease shirts come in traditionally masculine and feminine cuts in a variety of sizes.


There are other posture apparel options out there, but Adrenalease is the only brand that offers the adjustable straps, giving you full customization and fit.  Wearing these shirts consistently will put you into a proper posture position, taking stress off areas (like your neck and shoulders) that have bearing the brunt for too long.  So if you work at a computer, use your phone a lot, suffer from neck or back tension & pain, or just want to improve your posture overall—come in to the main floor and ask us for an Adrenalease Poster Performance Shirt.  You’ll feel instant improvement in how you carry yourself.


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